History of TME

History/Facts about the Taylor Mill Eagles:

The Beginning:

December 2010

Bob Black & Terry Durstock were at a Christmas party at Coach Campbell’s (Scott Head Coach) house, when they were approached by Paul Castleman (The Mayor) and Dan Woolley (Scott Coach) about the possibility of an NKYFL team being established in Taylor Mill.  The wheels got turning because of a conversation that Castleman had with Ken Morgan (Campbell County Red Devils) about the league wanting to put a team back in Taylor Mill.   It was decided right then that Taylor Mill would work towards getting a new NKYFL team. A vote was taken to appoint Chad Dant president; a phone call was made from the deck at Coach Campbell’s house informing Chad that he was going to be the president of the new Taylor Mill Football organization, and more details would follow.

January 2011

A small contingent had made the decision that in order to get the maximum results we were looking for; we would ask the NKYFL for a territory that ran congruent with Scott’s school district.  When our contingent went to the NKYFL meeting in January a vote was taken and the Taylor Mill franchise was voted down by one vote, primarily due to the territory that we wanted.  Jason Steffen (board member) asked if we were to take a smaller territory, namely the other side of 17 would that change the vote.  Since this was Raider territory and they were a no vote, they would have to decide if they were willing to relinquish this territory.  It was tabled until the next meeting.

February 2011

At the NKYFL meeting the Raiders decided they would give up the territory needed, as well as pieces of the Bengal Tigers & South Kenton territory to create the Taylor Mill organization.  It was also decided that we would offer cheerleading, and our colors would be royal blue & gray.

Originally the thought was to go with the name Mustangs, but after much conversation and debate, it was decided that the name would be Taylor Mill Eagles, in honor of Coach Campbell and his revival of football in Taylor Mill.

March 2011

A group Met in the basement of Bob’s house to discuss the details and work on the bylaws. The original bylaws were put into place, and the original officers were voted in: Chad Dant President, Bob Black Vice President, Jason Steffen Treasurer, Randy Herzog Secretary.  We held our first board meeting the third week of March and we were up and running.

The Eagle

The Eagle that is our logo was chosen out of a group of about 100 possible eagles that were brought to the first meeting for review.  The main reason it was chosen was that we wanted something that when seen was readily identifiable as the Taylor Mill Eagles, whether on shirts helmets, letterhead, etc.


President -P,  Vice President – VP, Secretary-S, Treasurer-T, Director of Coaches-DC,  DF-Director of Football, Cheer Director-CD,  Public Relations-PR, Member at Large-ML

2011 Chad Dant, P- Bob Black, VP,  Randy Herzog, S -Jason Steffen, T

2012 Chad Dant, P- Bob Black, VP-Randy Herzog, S- Jason Steffen, T (T position later assumed by Terry Durstock)

2013 Chad Dant, P-  Bob Black, VP- Randy Herzog, S -Terry Durstock ,-T
Positions changed at end of 2013 season :Bob Black, P- Randy Herzog, VP- John Bennett, S

2014 Bob Black, P- Randy Herzog, VP,  John Bennett, S- Terry Durstock, T- Tom Grindstaff, DC- Sarah Herzog, CD -Jonna Parsons, PR- Donnie Wildeboer, ML

2015 Bob Black-P, Terry Durstock-VP/T, John Bennett-S, Randy Herzog-DF, Sarah Herzog-CD

2016 Bob Black-P, Terry Durstock-VP/T, Eddie Klusman-S, John Bennett-DF, Sarah Herzog-CD/T

2017 Bob Black-P, Terry Durstock-VP, Sarah Herzog-T, Eddie Klusman-S, John Bennett-DF, Melissa Sela-CD

2018 Terry Durstock-P, Matt Luken-VP, Sarah Herzog-T, Brian Williams-S, Jason Bannister-DF, Amanda Grigsby-CD

2019 Matt Luken-P, Jason Bannister-VP (Brian Resigned 6-5-2019), Amy Luken- Tony Clem (S)  Jason Bannister- FD, Amanda Grigsby- CD

2020 Matt Luken-P, Jason Bannister-VP, Amy Luken- T, Brian Williams-S  Jason Bannister- FD Jennifer Stephenson- CD

2021 Matt Luken-P, Jennifer Stephenson-VP, Amy Luken- T, Maggie Dwertman-S,  Eric Siemer- FD, Jennifer Stephenson- CD

2022 Eric Siemer-P, Jennifer Stephenson-VP, Candice Siemer- T, Maggie Dwertman-S,  Eric Siemer- FD, Jennifer Stephenson- CD, Matt Luken- BD, Michael Hacker- WD

2023 Eric Siemer-P, Colie Miller-VP, Candice Siemer- T, Leti Sexten-S,  Eric Siemer- FD, Jennifer Stephenson- CD, Eric Siemer- BD, Michael Hacker- WD

2024 Eric Siemer-P, Colie Miller-VP, Candice Siemer- T, Leti Sexten-S,  Dan Tillett- FD, Bridgette Weinberg- CD, Eric Siemer- BD, Michael Hacker- WD