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BY-LAWS:  First Draft, March 2011, Adoption: April 2011

2024 Revisions: 2024Revision of By-Laws 2024.docx

2023 Revisions: 2023- TM By-Law Revisions.docx

Eagles youth Bylaws- 2022


Eagles youth bylaws – Final 02.2018

Eagles youth bylaws 2015

Revision: (May 2014)





















































The name of this organization shall be the Taylor Mill Eagles Youth Football, Inc (also known as TMEYF). The organization is organized as a non-profit organization per section501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and no member shall have legal or equitable ownership in any of its funds or property.




Resolved, that we, as a youth football organization, do hereby incorporate in order to provide an organization for the betterment of the youth of our assigned territory. This is to be established as a youth football organization, to furnish to the boys and girls, the availability of an outlet to perform in football and cheerleading regardless of race, color, or creed, but within the limits established by the league in which they perform. All actions, money and funds shall be of a non-profit basis and shall be used solely to obtain the goals of this organization.


  1. The organization shall be non-political and non-sectarian.


  2. The name of the organization or the names of the members in their official capacities shall not be used in connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or any purpose not appropriately related to the objectives of the organization.


  1. The organization shall not directly or indirectly participate or intervene (in any way, including the publishing or distribution of statement) in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office.


  1. Persons representing the organization shall make no commitments that bind the organization, unless authorized by the Officers.


E. The By-Laws of TMEYF must not contradict those of the league in which it participates, namely, the Northern Kentucky Youth Football League.




The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cheer Director, Public Relations Director, Director of Coaches, and Don Wildeboer. Their purpose is to handle the business of the organization. The executive board is the voting body for all Eagle business. One vote per person, even if the person holds multiple positions.



The officers of the organization shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cheer Director, Public Relations Director, Director of Coaches, and Don Wildeboer.


A. President

1. To oversee all activities of the organization and offices of the organization.

2. Communicates to the organization all rules and directives from NKYFL.

3. To co-sign any and all financial documents.

4. To draft and sign all correspondence.

5. To preside over monthly meetings.

6. To vote in case of a tie.



B. Vice-President

1. To oversee all activities of the organization in the President’s absence.

2. To vote in all matters.

3. To assist in the betterment of the organization.

4. Responsible for banquet.


C. Secretary

1. To type any and all correspondence from the President and other officers.

2. To keep records of any and all actions by this organization.

3. To keep the monthly attendance and determine member eligibility to vote.

4. To vote in all matters.


D. Treasurer

1. To audit and oversee all financial matters of this organization.

2. Responsible for establishing annual budget.

3. To make all deposits to accounts.

4. To pay any and all bills which have been pre-approved by the Executive Board.

5. To write all checks and co-sign any and all financial documents.

6. To vote in all matters.


  1. Cheer Director

    1. Coordinate all cheer divisions.

    2. Vote in all matters.

    3. Communicates to the organization all rules and directives from NKYFL.


  1. Director of Football Coaches
    1. Resource for all football coaches.
    2. Vote in all matters.


  1. Public Relations Director
    1. To update the website to notify participants and their parents of pertinent events and information of this organization and the league.
    2. Vote in all matters.


  2. Don Wildeboer


  3. Advisor to the Executive Board:
    1. Created to ensure valuable insight and experience is not lost to the Taylor Mill Eagles Organization.
    2. When an executive board member leaves the board in good standing, they are given the title of Advisor to the Executive Board.  Their jobs consist of, but are not limited to:

      1) Attending TME board meetings as they choose.

      2) Attending any TME events as they choose.

      3) Being a sounding board for current executive board members.

      4) Help as needed when available.

      5) In the event of an emergency, be willing to step back onto the board if needed.

      6) They do not have a vote.



Coordinators are in charge of specific areas of the organization to ensure that they are handled in a professional and profitable manner, directly reporting to the Executive Board but more specifically to the Treasurer.



  1. Spirit Wear Coordinator
    1. In charge of all spirit wear activity, including but not limited to: design, quality, ordering, pricing, sales, inventory, and reconciliation of orders.
    2. Ideas and samples, pricing per items and quantities needed, will be brought to the executive board for a vote.
    3. Report to the Executive Board at monthly meetings.
    4. Vendors for all merchandise will be sought out and evaluated by the Spirit Wear Coordinator, exercising their best judgment (prudent man rule). All vendors will be presented to the Executive Board for approval.


  1. Concessions Coordinator
    1. In charge of all concessions activity, included but not limited to: menu, budget requests, procurement of all supplies, inventory, set-up, coordinating a proper number of volunteers, cooking, sales, cleaning, and break-down at the end of an event.
    2. Budget for an event will be brought to and voted on by the Executive Board, before an event. Concessions Coordinator will exercise their best judgment (prudent man rule).
    3. Report to the Executive Board at monthly meetings.


  2. Field/Equipment Coordinator (Football)
    1. Reports directly to the Vice President.
    2. In charge of all field operations on day of host.
      1. In charge of all equipment within the organization, including but not limited to: helmets, game jerseys, shoulder pads, pants, footballs, field dummies, etc.
      2. Reviews equipment and evaluates condition at the end of year and will make recommendations to board (prudent man rule).
      3. Football coaches are responsible in season for day to day equipment issues and any needs should be brought to the attention of the Equipment Coordinator.


  3. Fundraising Coordinator

    1.     Responsible for presenting to Executive Board fundraising options.

    2.    Responsible for coordinating and executing all fundraising decisions.

    3.    Report to the Executive Board at monthly meetings.




The electable positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are nominated to serve two year terms at the first meeting in November. Officers are elected in December and take office February 1st. The nominations to fill the positions of President, and Secretary shall be in even numbered years while nominations for the positions of Vice President and Treasurer shall be in odd numbered years. This give adequate time for closure of the budget and end of year responsibilities including organization of Awards Day (Banquet) which is usually held in December. Voting & counting of the votes will be in executive session. In the event of a tie, the President shall vote and break the tie. These actions will not be made public. All ties shall be broken by the current President’s vote.





  1. Budget discussions will begin at the January meeting.


  2. All budgets will be finalized at the March meeting.


  3. Any adjustments to a budget will be brought to the Executive Board for discussion and vote.





A.     Meetings shall be held on the third (3nd) Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. (unless otherwise specified).


B.     Once the meeting is called to order, any members cannot be under the influence as defined by Kentucky Revised Statutes. Proper language will be used at all times.


C.     Monthly meetings shall proceed in the following order (unless otherwise specified):

1. President Call meeting to order

2. Secretary Report minutes of law meeting

3. Treasurer Financial Report

4. President League Report

5. President Old Business

6. President New Business

7. Report of Committees

8. Officers/Floor Any other business

9. President Adjournment


D.     Sessions may be called by the President or Officers between scheduled monthly meetings in order to conduct the regular course of business for the organization. Said meetings shall be held at a time and place called by the President.


E.     In such instances where an organizational decision must be made before a regular monthly meeting the President and Officers shall be granted the authority to make the decision by majority vote. A report of any business decision shall be reported at the next regular meeting.


F.     A majority of the officers present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


G.     The Rules contained in “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern the proceedings of this organization, except in such cases as are covered by the By-Laws adopted by this organization.


H.     All Executive Board members must be present at 75% of all regular monthly meetings.




Proposed amendment(s) to these By-Laws may only be made at the January meeting

but will not be voted upon until the next regular meeting and a majority vote of the Executive Board is required to pass.





A.     Don Wildeboer Community Service Award

1. Enacted in 2011 to commemorate the years of dedication and service given by Don Wildeboer to organizations like the Eagles.

2. The award will be presented annually to an individual or organization showing dedication to the ideals of the Taylor Mill Eagles.

3. May be within the organization, or outside of it.

  1. Nominations will be made by Don Wildeboer and his decision will be made by the November meeting.
  2. Recipient will be notified and invited to banquet.


B.     Additional awards may be given only if the TMEYF organization has available funds and will be voted on by the Executive Board.




All team practices for football shall be on the same day and time as decided by the coaches and the President or at the discretion of the coaches and approved by the President. Cheerleading practices will be at the discretion of the Cheer Director and approved by the President.





A.     Head Coaches will be chosen by the Executive Board.


B.     The head coach of each division shall pick their own assistant coaches as they choose, but they will be approved by the Executive Board.


C.     Any coach that does not follow the organization rules or the rules of the NKYFL or is involved in controversy or does not follow the purpose of Article II may be removed by majority vote of the Executive Board.


  1. All coaches must pass a background check.

    E.     At minimum, one coach per team needs to be certified in CPR and Emergency medical procedures.



Funds will be allocated at the discretion of the Executive Board. Funds shall only be used for the enrichment of current TMEYF participants. All funds collected and distributed shall be used to further the purpose expressed in Article II of the By-Laws.



All money received in the name of the organization must be receipted, carefully safeguarded, deposited into the checking account approved by the Executive Board accounted for through the financial records. Deficit spending is not permissible.


A.     Receipt Books:

1. Receipt books must be purchased by the organization and must be an

authorized receipt book with two or three part carbon copy. Missing receipt

books may be cause for an immediate audit.

2. Procedures on receipts

a. Receipt cash or money orders or checks immediately.

b. Use a pen that will transfer through to all carbon copies.

c. Give a white receipt to the individual.

d. Yellow receipt shall be retained in the book to evidence receipt of the funds by the organization.


B.    Treasurer shall deposit funds daily if money in the form of currency, money orders or

checks are in his/her possession.


C.    Purchases and invoices:

1. Invoices and/or receipts must match the total on the check request.

2. The invoice must be itemized.

3. A request for reimbursement must be accompanied by a valid receipt or invoice.              Handwritten receipts are not acceptable. Reimbursements must be made with check.

4. Items purchased for the organization will become property of the organization.

5. Check account balance before making any purchases or submitting any orders.

6. All expenditures shall be pre-approved by the Executive Board.

7. Purchasing items without prior approval will result in personal liability.


D.     Disbursements: The checking account shall include the Treasurer and President.


E.     Bank statements:

1. Monthly reconciliation: Create a spreadsheet to track every financial transaction. The bookkeeping procedures shall include receipts, deposit, issuance of checks and purchasing. Review the monthly bank statement to reconcile the finances at the close of each month.

2. Review Bank Statement: Statements will be reviewed by the Treasurer and President. The statement shall always reflect debits and credits within the checking account.


  1. File taxes and register with the State annually.